Your Details for the Best catering Options

Catering is one of those parts of the celebration that, on the one hand, facilitates the task, and on the other hand, can spoil everything. From the first point of view, catering becomes a real salvation for weddings, arranged in unusual places or outside the city. From the second, the banquet and, in general, the food at the wedding is remembered the most. In order for the banquet to be a success and to be remembered only by delicious dishes, we have compiled a small guide on how to choose a catering company. Just five steps to a stunning wedding dinner.

Type of catering and number of guests

The key point in deciding any questions about the wedding is the number of guests. First of all, it is important that the quality of dishes does not change depending on the number of guests. That is why for a big wedding look for companies that have successful experience serving large-scale events. The type of catering will depend on the format in which your wedding will take place. For a classic wedding, European seating is best when sitting at round tables from 5 to 8 people. This option is the most popular as of today.

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Catering “Factory”

For less formal and not so large-scale weddings, there are two new trends – brunch , when instead of large and satisfying dishes, the emphasis is on snacks and drinks, as well as a buffet type of catering with several food stations or themed corners, for example: Italian cuisine, Asian, Russian. At the same time, those same country weddings, which were casually mentioned above, are increasingly striving for long common tables and rustic design. Consequently, you need to understand exactly what type of banquet is best suited to your wedding and how many guests you expect at your celebration. By sheltering is all you need to know before the wedding. From Red Pepper Cafe & Cateringthis is important here.

The most important opinion when organizing a wedding is yours. However, as in choosing any contractors, you need to know the opinion of those people who have already worked with catering companies. Firstly, it will help you learn some subtleties that you may not know about, and secondly, you will get real feedback from people you know that will help to highlight some companies as potential contractors. After all, catering is not only food, but a comprehensive banquet service, so you should know exactly what services are included.

Services and cost

As noted above, catering is not
limited to just serving dishes to your guests, on the contrary, this is all
that concerns the banquet from A to Z – starting from serving and ending with
cleaning after the event. Therefore, you need to know exactly what exactly is
included in the announced cost and what services will have to be paid
separately. The service may include staff, cake, space decoration, various food